watt to kw

Defining and understand watt is an easy task, but before we can determine what a joule is?

Joule is one of the derived unit, which in the system of unit which is used in order to measure power, well one joule is the power, which is equal the power which is given to the object in term of applied one newton force and the purpose travels a distance of one meter in a single direction.

watt to kw

Now let’s understand what a watt is, one watt is defined as the power when one joule of energy is being used in one second, this indicates that watt is the unit of rate of power transfer or flow.

Well, we can also define watt as the power which is given when one ampere of current Is being under flowed when there is a potential difference of one voltage, here one energy is the unit of potential difference.

Now let’s try to understand what is kilowatt. Well, a kilowatt is the higher order unit of the watt, this is used when there is a high flow of power in terms of the watt, and then to understand thing well or to simple the understanding, we take the watt into kilowatt terms.

This means that the base unit of watt and kilowatt is a higher unit.  Here kilo is used to define that quantity thousand; this means that when there is a flow of power of a thousand watts, then we can say that there is a flow of one kilowatt of power.

Conversion, let’s use a conversion factor for conversion between watt and kilowatt.

  •    One kilowatt is equal to 1000 watt. Therefore we can say that 10 kilowatt is equivalent to 10,000 watts of power.