watt to hp

Have you ever wondered, how is your electricity bill is being measured? Yes, your electricity bill is measured in terms of watt and in addition to this there is one more question, in what unit the power of a car or automobile is being considered. Yes, the strength which can be produced by motors is measured in terms of hp or horsepower.

watt to hp

The similarity between both these units is that both these units are used to measure power and the difference between both the unit is that watt is the unit which is considered in the electrical department and the hp is the unit which is considered in the automobile industries

Well, one watt of power is the unit of power, and this can be defined as the power which is being transferred to a body when one newton of force is applied, and the organization has traveled one meter of distance.

Well to horsepower or hp, the very first thing which we have to consider is that horsepower is the unit of power, which is an automobile power unit.

Horsepower is the unit which is considered when we want to evaluate the power of the engine of automobiles; this is the reason why this unit is given so much of importance since there is extensive use of this unit in the automobile industries.

Conversion, under is the conversion factor using which we can convert watt to hp or hp to watt.

Well, one horsepower is equal to 746 watts, this can be used for conversion, for example, 2 horsepower is equal to 1492 watts.