Volume Capacity Converter

In our day to day life, we encounter many three dimensional objects and all these three-dimensional objects have some sort of volume, here the volume is the amount of space which a particular object is covering or we can consider it as the measure of the space which an object we occupy. While Capacity is the measure of an amount of something which the particular object can hold or we can say that capacity is the amount of volume of another thing which an object can hold.

Let’s take an example to understand this

Let’s take a glass box which has some length breadth and height, now when the box is kept on the table, then the amount of space which the object will occupy is known as the volume and when we try to fill the box with water then amount of water that we can fill in that box will symbolize the capacity of the box.

Volume calculator

let’s take another example, here we have two boxes of the same dimension and now Suppose box A is hollow and box B is packed form inside then the volume of both the boxes will be same since both of them will consume the same amount of space but the capacity of Box A is equal to its volume since we can store some substance in it and the capacity of box B will be zero since it is packed form inside hence we cannot store anything in it.


Definition of volume

The term volume symbolizes the amount of space which a particular body will occupy, nothing but the amount of space which will be taken up by the object when we keep it in the three-dimensional frame.

How to calculate


In order to calculate the volume we can take up all the three dimension of the object and multiply them, this will be measured in terms cubic meter, this will symbolize how much cubic meter we require to keep this object in space.

Definition of capacity


the term capacity symbolize the potential a particular object has to store something in it, hollow objects have high capacity while objects filled with the matter have very low capacity

Capacity is measured in terms of the liter, milliliter etc.

Comparison between volume and capacity

  1. Volume is the total amount of space the object will cover and capacity is the ability of the object to contain some sort of substance.


  1. Volume is the amount of something which will take some amount of space and capacity of an object is its potential to store an amount of something which that particular object can hold.


  1.    The SI unit for volume is Cubic meter or cubic centimeter while the SI unit for capacity is liter, gallon etc.


  1.    If an object exists it will certainly have some volume but it need not have some sort of capacity