Unit Converter

Unit Converter

Units are the standard for measurement which is used to measure some kind of physical Quantity, here we take a standard amount of that Quantity and that Quantity is measured in terms of multiple of that unit. In order to understand this let’s take an example.

Understanding the concept of the unit!

Suppose that we want to measure a particular distance from point A to point B and in order to do that we take a stick which is our standard for measurement, now suppose the total distance between point A to point B it comes out to the length which is equal to 4 times the length of the stick, then we can write it as 4 stick, it actually means that the distance between point A to point B is 4 times the length of the stick.  Therefore here we have set the length of the stick as a unit for measurement of distance.

unit Converter

likewise, the standard for measurement of length is meter which is known as the SI unit, if we say that we the distance between point A to point B in 100 meters we mean to say that the 100 times the length of 1 meter is the length which is equal to the length between A and B.

A unit is used for measurement and measurement is the process in which measure the physical Quantity.

In olden days people had their own standards for measurement but now we have a global standard which is the international system of units or SI units which decides the common units for measurement. This comes the field of science which is known as metrology which is the science for the development of units which can be internationally acceptable.

System of units

The way to use this unit to measure the Quantity is by writing the number in the front and then writing the unit as prefix, for example, the unit for mas is kilograms then we write 40 kg, this means the body which is in consideration has the mass which is equal to 40 time the mass which equal to 1 KG.

unit conversion

now suppose we have a standard to measure the length as 1 meter, now this is very impractical to use the same unit for measurement of large distance and the same unit for measurement of length of a pen, hence we develop a total system of units which facilitate us to use a particular type of unit depending upon the situation, under this we take different units for the same type of Quantity, yet we establish a relationships between this Quantity so that they can to convert to each other when needed.

Types of units

Generally, there are two types of unit basic units and the other one is derived units

Basic unit: – basic units are those units which are used to measure the fundamental Quantity, this Quantity for which these units are used to measure doesn’t depend on other units for their measurement

Derived units: – derived units are those units which are derived from fundamental units or basic units.

 In general, we have many have much-derived Quantity like kg/m, M/s etc. but we have seven fundamental Quantity which is used to derive other units.

1>    Mass with SI unit as KG

2>    Amount of substance SI unit as the mole

3>    time with SI unit as the second

4>    length with SI unit as meter

5>    electric current with SI unit as Ampere

6>    light intensity with the SI unit as candela

7>    Temperature with SI unit as Kelvin.

Some of the basic units.

1>    M/s this is meter per second which is used to measure speed and this unit is derived using two fundamental quantity meter and second.

2>    Metre cube is the unit which is used to measure volume and this is derived using the meter which is a fundamental Quantity.