Torque Converter

The twisting or turning force which makes the rotation about an axis possible is considered as torque this can also be considered as the center of mass or fixed point.

You can also consider torque as the ability of something with which it can rotate about an axis, now let’s take-up an example to understand torque, we all are familiar with a task which we do almost every day opening our room door, here what we do at the end of the door we try to put pressure or we apply force, here what happens is that, when we apply force at the endpoint, the door of our room rotates about an axis, here the force with which the door is open and the length of the door when multiplied as cross products gives us the torque which is acting on the body.

torque converter

We all have played SEE-SAW, where actually we applied force downwards so that the SEE SAW can be rotated downward.

Hence torque is the dot product of force which we apply or the force which is acting on the door in order to rotate the door. Hence T= force x length or T=RxF where f is the force which is applied for the rotation and the R or length is the perpendicular distance of the force applied to point and the axis of rotation.

Another way to understand torque is something which can rotate itself, gear and shaft are common examples,

Torque is the force which helps automobiles to perform brake burn and fats acceleration at a very low speed, in automobiles one can increase torque can help you enhance engine performance.

Torque is directly proportional to the force which is applied and the distance between the applied force point and the axis of means the if you increase the force or if you increase the distance the torque    

There is one popular which was said by one of the great scientists, that if you give me an infinitely long rod which can hold earth, just with a touch he can disturb the position of the earth.

How to calculate

In order to calculate your torque, you require the force which is acting on the body and the distance between the force point and the axis of rotation. If you have both then the cross product of these two quantities will give torque.

SI unit

The SI unit of torque is Newton/meter, and it is the cross product of force and distance, and it is a vector Quantity which means torque depends on what angle the force is applied on the force

T = RFsinβ, where β is the angle at which the force is applied.

Uses of torque

  • torque is highly used in automobiles and is used in improving the engine efficiency
  • torque is used in the rotation medium and it is studied in order to get maximum output in less applied force
  • Torque is used in manufacturing door, gates, where we try to reduce the force which is applied to it.