ton to kilogram

Kilograms, as the first unit in mass measurement which is defined using a prototype and all the unit which are in mass measurement, are defined on the basis of measurement done while experiments. Well if we want to define a kilogram it is the unit of mass which mass equals to 1000 grams, that means one kilogram is comprised of 1000 kilograms.

ton to kilogram

When we talk about the ton, there is a lot that we can discuss, first of all, a ton is mainly an industrial unit, this means that ton is the unit which is high in use in industries. Well, this is very clear that you cannot use ton unit in domestic purpose since at home we don’t take anything which is having so much of mass.  

Mass is an inherent property of matter, this means that mass is one of the property which is used to define the body. And tons and kilograms are the units which are used to measure mass. Kilograms is used for small scale measurement while ton is used when the measurement to be done is very large.

Both the units have their own significance, well the thing which we have to consider is that ton is equal to 1000 kilograms, this means that take the prototype which you have to define the mass of one kilogram and multiply it with 1000, n now you can imagine how much mass a ton equals, well this is a very large amount of mass.

Now when we have one ton equal to 1000 kilograms, conversion can be done, this means that now if we have 5 tons and then we have multiple it with 1000 it comes out to be 5000 kilograms. This is the equivalent of tons to kilograms.