Time Converter

  • time is something which clock reads or we can say that time is something which is used to express duration or in a very brief manner time is something which is indefinite and continued progress of existence or we can say that time is the component quantity of various measurement


  • Time is something which can be measured, it is continuous in spatial dimensions or we can say that time is a phenomenon which can be observed by a human being and in addition to this it can be sense or can be recorded, time is also considered as illusion or a dimension or a smoothly flowing continuum.

Time Converter

There are many terms which are used in reference with time some of them are

  • Instant, this refers to any particular time on an axis which is limited by two instant. Or it can be understood as the duration of time which is very sort and hence negligible.
  • time interval, it is a part of time axes which is limited by any two time instant which are starting the instance and ending instance
  • Duration, when we have a large difference which the point on which we are observing time to the end of observation, we generally use the term time duration.

How to calculate time, there are many ways we can measure time and depending upon some sort of situation the way to calculate time changes

  • we have a simple formula to calculate time and in this formula average speed at which a particular particle is traveling is equal to the total distance travelled by the particle which is divided by the total time taken by the particle hence

s=d/t where s= speed, d= distance, and t is time this relation can be used to find time as

t=d/s hence if we divide distance by speed we can calculate time taken by the particle to cover the distance

  • s= (ut+at*t)/2 this equal is the basic equation┬áto mechanical physics. now in order to calculate time you need to have the initial velocity with which the particle is traveling, the final velocity and acceleration with which the particle is changing its velocity, putting all this in this equal we can say that how much time the particle has taken in order to complete the process
  • total time= initial time- final time, this is very easy to under that if you subtract initial time by final time you can get the time duration of the whole process

SI unit

  • Time is one of the 7 fundamental quantity of physics, this we can say that time cannot be derived from any other Quantity. yet the time is a very important fundamental quantity and is used to derive many quantities
  • The SI unit of time is a sec. yet it is minute hour and day are also used to denote time.

Time is one of the most important fundamental quantity and this is to take a note, no process, no framework can be understood with taking time into consideration