Temperature Converter

The degree of hotness or coldness any particular body has is its temperature or we can say that temperature refers to the degree of hotness or coldness is known as its temperature

One another way to understand temperature is that it is the measure of the amount of average kinetic energy the particular particle has, the temperature is actually used to measure the hotness and coldness of anybody or particle,

Temperature Converter

temperature of any particle depends on its kinetic energy, we all know that every particle is made up of small particle, since these particles are in motion they are considered as having kinetic energy, temperature and kinetic energy are directly proportional to each other we can say that is any particle has high temperature we can say that it has high kinetic energy

One of the most important things to know is that temperature is an average measure, all the particle anybody which is taken into consideration are constantly moving with respect to their mean position and they do not have the same speed they are moving randomly, they all move in different direction and some particle is moving fast while some are moving very slow hence all we have to do is to take a mean value of all the particle and this is the way we decide the kinetic energy of the particle and then we decide the temperature of the particle  

How to measure temperature

molecules in anybody are very small, hence in order to actually calculate the kinetic energy we have to use indirect method, this is a fact with addition to heat the movement of molecules become very fast and they start moving more and more rapidly, here one thing to note is that with increase in temperature the volume of the particle also increases hence we generally use some deceives which helps us to calculate the temperature of the particle

One of the commonly used devices is a thermometer, it is actually a glass tube which is a field with mercury and the reading of mercury is used in order to find out the temperature since mercury is a gas which can easily be used to increase volume with increase in temperature

One another device is a thermocouple, here in this device we have a material whose temperature is known and relative to this the temperature of unknown material is known.


The Kelvin is the SI unit of temperature and in addition to this degree and degree, Fahrenheit is used to denoting the temperature of anything.

Kelvin is the 1/273.76 fraction of thermodynamic temperature of the triple point of the water, this points it popular with 0 k and is Kwon as absolute Zero.

Celsius is another scale which is used to denote temperature, the base is that o calcium is the temperature at which the water gets frozen and in addition to this 100 calcium is the temperature at which the water gets evaporated, they are commonly known as freezing point and evaporation point.