tb to mb

A terabyte which is commonly represented by the TB, it the unit of the measurement of the term for the data storage capacity, the value of the byte in a terabyte is mainly represented by the multiplier of the 1.0995*10^12. The difference between the long-standing tradition of using the binary prefix arises, and in the base of the computer world.

tb to mb

The most popular decimal standard which is adopted within the both of the outsides of the computer industries. The capacity of computer storage devices is also advertised by the user of the SI standard value. The position which is reported by the software operating system uses binary values. The NTFS formatted  TB hard drive which shows 931 GB of free storage which is the usable storage space under the windows XP.

The MB represents the unit megabyte, it is also the unit of the information and computer storage. The value of the MB is equal to the 1048576 bytes. In the official uses of the SI system, the unit MB is replaced by the MiB which is the short form of the mebibyte. Here we all are the costumer of the MB that means, we use a mobile data or the internet on our mobile phones and as well as our laptop, so the MB also represents this data, the MB is the most common and the most useful unit.


  •    The value of the one TB is equal to the 1048576 MB.
  •    The amount of the two TB is similar to the 2097152 MB.
  •    The value of the three tb is equal to the 3145728 MB.
  •    The value of the four TB is equal to the 4194304 MB.