tb to gb

TB it is the notation of the terabytes, the TB unit is the digital information measurement unit which is used in the measurement of the size of the computers RAM and many more. Today this unit is used to measure the amount of the digital information in the online libraries, the digital archives and many more.

tb to gb

The value of the one TB is equal to the 1000 gigabyte (GB), and in the language of computer science, its value is similar to the 1099511627776 bytes. the amount of the one TB in decimal SI is equal to the 1000^4 byte. The value of the one TB in the binary is similar to the 2^40 bytes.

The unit gigabyte is represented by the GB, which is one of the most common and the user unit in the digital information. The value of a GB is equal to the 1000000000 bytes. In the computer operating science, the amount of the one GB is similar to the 2^30 byte which is identical to the 1073741824 bytes. The unit GB is used for indicating the size of the memory and the size of the movie, of the computer RAM. The amount of the information is stored in the single layer DVD is equal to the 4.8 gb.

Here we can provide the conversions of the same typical values of the TB into GB.


  •    The value of the 1 tb is equal to the 1024 gb.
  •    The value of the 2 tb is equal to the 2048 gb.
  •    The value of the 3 tb is equal to the 3072 gb.
  •    The value of the 4 tb is equal to the 4096 gb.
  •    The value of the 5 tb is equal to the 5120 gb.