stone to pounds

Well, stone and pound both are the imperial units of for measuring mass, both these units are one of the important units which are used for conversion. Here in this section, the very first thing that we are going to do it too is to study what is a pound? And what is a stone? And finally at the and we will try to find out how we can convert stone and pound into each other.

stone to pounds

Stone is the unit of mass measurement and stone can be understood as, one stone mass is equal to 6.35 kilograms, that means if we take an object whose mass is 6.35 kg we can say that the mass of that body is equal to one stone. And In addition to this, one more thing that you should consider about stone is that stone is the imperial unit and hence it is mostly used in countries like Canada, us or the UK.

What are pounds?

A pound is another unit which is used for mass measurement, again a pound is also an imperial unit hence we can say that the maximum use of this unit is done in the countries like US or UK. Well, a set of 100 pounds is equal to the mass of 45.5 kg, according to this we can say that one pound is equal to 0.45 kg of mass.

Conversion, well 1 pound is equal to 7 stones, this means that in order to equate pound and stone, you need to have 1 pound on one side and 7 stones on the other side.

Here keep a precaution that you use correct conversion factor while you are converting pounds to stone or even wise versa.