Square Yards to Hectares

can you use kilometre unit for the calculation of needle, yes but this is not reliable, hence a single unit for a single quantity cannot be used in all situation, here in this article we will talk about two units square yards and hectares both of which are used to for the measurement of area, here in this article first we will define what is square yard and then we will define what is hectares and finally we will provide you with a way to convert square yards to hectares and then hectares to square yards.

Square Yards to Hectares

Square yards

A square yard is an area which is equal to the area when we consider a square whose side length is equal to one yard or we can say that square yard is equal to about 0.8 square meters.

A square yard is a unit which is mainly used for constructional propose, like a small well or any other sort of things, generally how much boring has to be done is also considered in term of a square yard.


a hectare is the unit which is used for the measurement of area and one hectare is the area which is equal to the area of 1/100th of square kilometer, to understand this consider the area which is equal to 1 square kilometer and then divide the area which you have into 100 equal parts then one part of that area is equal to 1 hectare.

Hectare is the unit mainly considered to the calculation of area for agriculture, for to tell the spread of any organization etc.  It is one of the widely used to the unit for are measurements

Conversion, use the following equation for the conversion of square yards to hectares.

1 hectare= 11,960 yards

1 yard=0.0001 hectares.