Square Rods to Square Feet

Square rods and square feet are the units which are used for the measurement of areas, these both units are widely used depending on the situation, but there are conditions when we have to convert these units into one another. Here in this section first we will define what is and square rods and then what is a square foot and then finally we will provide you with a guiding equation using which you will be able to convert square rods to square feet.  

Square Rods to Square Feet

Square rods,

This is a unit for measurement of area, which is derived using the concept of calculation of the area of the square.

We say that the area which we have is equal to one square rod when the square which is taken into consideration has the length of side equal to one rod.

Or we can say that the area which is covered by the square of side length equal to one rod then the area is one square rod.

Square feet.

square feet is the unit of measurement of the area which is equal to the 1/640th part of an area of 1 square mile, this means that if you divide the area of 1 square mile into 640 equal parts then one single part which you will get is equal to one square feet area.

Squares feet area is a widely used unit of area which is mainly used for the area which is small.

Conversion, use this equation for the conversion of area, square rods to squares feet.  

1 sq. Ft. is equal to 0.0037 rods

1 sq. rods is equal to 300 square feet.