square meter to square centimeter

Square meter and a square centimeter are the units which are used to when we consider the measurement of area, we require different areas unit which is used depending on the conditions. Well, we cannot use square centimeter in order to measure the area required to build a road. here in this section, we will first define what is square meter and then what is square centimeter and finally, we will provide you equation which will help you to convert square meter to a square centimeter and vice versa.

square meter to square centimeter

Square meter

  • A square meter is one of the widely used, units of area and the thing to know about this area is that square meter is the area which is considered as the SI unit for the calculation of area around the globe.
  • A square meter is the unit of area which is equal to the area of the square whose side length is equal to one meter. And in addition to this suppose we have an area of one square kilometer and then we divide the whole area into 10,000 equal parts and the single part which we have is equal to the square meter.
  • this is a moderate level of the unit for measurement of area

Square centimeter

  • A square centimeter is another unit of area, which is considered when we have a small piece of the area into consideration. One square centimeter is equal to the area of the square whose side length is equal to one centimeter.
  • A square centimeter is very small, which is mainly used at experimental considerations
  • A square centimeter is equal 1/10,000th part of the area of one square meter.

Conversion, use this equation when we consider about the conversion of square meter to square centimetre

  • one square meter is equal to 10,000 square centimetre
  • One square centimetre is equal to 0.0001 square meter.