square meter to hectare

Square meter and hectare are the units which are used to measure area, there are different unit of area which is available with us, they are used depending upon the conditions which we have, when we cannot use square centimeter for the calculation of area for measurement of area of area for the construction of roads. Here in this section, we will first define what square meter is and then what is hectare and finally, we will provide you the way to convert them into each other.

square meter to hectare

Square meter

  • A square meter is an area which is used when we have a moderate area into consideration.
  • A square meter is an area which is equal to the area which has a side length equal to one meter.  
  • A square meter is the SI unit which is used worldwide for measurement of area. Form constructional purpose to agricultural lands, a square meter is widely used around the world.
  • square is equal to the 1/10,000th part of the area, this means that if we have the area, which is equal to one kilometer and then we divide the area into 10,000 equal parts, the part which we are getting is equal to one square meter.


  • Hectare is another unit of area which is considered mainly when we consider the area in to show the expansions of any organization or things. One hectare area is covered by a square when the side of the square is equal to 100 meters. Or we can say that one hectares area is equal to 2.47 acres of the area.
  • Hectares is one of the widely used areas measurement unit. And one hectare is equal to the 1/100th part of a square kilometer.


Conversion, use this conversion equation in order to convert square meter to hectares

  • one square meter is equal to 0.0001 hectares
  • One hectares is equal to 10,000 square meter.