Square Kilometers to Hectares

Square kilometers and hectares are the area units. The main difference between a square kilometer and a hectare is that square kilometer is derived using the way we calculate the area of the square while hectares in the unit which resembles area which is equal to the 100th part of square kilometers. If you are wondering why we need so many units for the same quantity? The reason is that we just cannot define a single unit and use it every time this will not make the results understandable, this can be understood just by understanding that, this is very bad idea to use unit ML for measuring water which is stored in a large tank. Here at this point, we will consider square kilometer and hectares.

square kilometers to hectares


  • Consider a square whose length is equal to one kilometer, the area which the square will cover will be equal to the area which is resembled by one square kilometer.
  • Square kilometers is the unit which is equal to 10,000 time the area of a square meter.
  • Construction of roads, canal, dams etc. are the examples of places where square kilometers is used.


Hectare can also be considered as an agricultural unit for land since hectare has its extensive use in this field. One hectare is equal to an area of square kilometers when divided by 100 times. In simple words take 1 square kilometer of the area and divide 100 times and then what you will get is equal to one hectare of area.

Conversion equation: – one square kilometer is equal to 100 hectares.

How to convert.

In order to convert square kilometer to hectares all you have to do is to take the number of square kilometers you have and multiply the amount with 100 and the amount you will get is square kilometers in terms of hectares.