Square Feet to Acres

Square feet and Acres both are the units which are used to measurement of area, mainly they are used in order to calculate land area, here in this section we provide you complete information about both the units and in addition to this we will provide information using which you how to convert them to each other.

different units for the same units are considered since a single unit can’t be considered in order to the same quantity in different situations.

Square Feet to Acres

Square feet.

square feet was is the unit for calculation of area which is used to calculate area which is not very much big, this is actually the measurement which is derived from the calculation of the area of a square whose side length is equal to one square foot.

The square feet is the unit which is mainly used in countries like United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Pakistan etc.

In order to consider square feet, we can say that square foot is actually the measure of 640th part of 1 square mile.


An acre is again a unit of land which is generally used to measure land for agriculture purpose or the area for which is in large dimensions.

The unit in which we commonly use acre is an international acre and was defined in the year 1959, along back ago. Before these different countries were using different versions of acres that time the need of standard unit of acres was felt.

Conversion. You can use the following equation in order to convert the square feet into acres.

1 ft square = 0.0000229 ac

Here on this to note is that while calculation using acres, square feet errors are more likely to occur, hence pay your full attention in order to calculate the area.