Speed Converter

Speed is the concept of physics which says how much distance is covered by the body in a given interval of time or we can say that speed is the measure of how fast the moving is moving.

Another way to understand speed is that speed is Quantitative analysis of the movement of anybody, speed is the scalar quantity that means it doesn’t involve direction is only involves magnitude. Here one thing that you can conclude is that higher then we can say that the body is moving faster and is the speed of the body is slow then we can say that the body is moving very slowly.

Speed calculator

Rotational speed, it is also known as the angular speed and it is actually the number of revolution which an object makes over a particular unit of time, here we measure the rate of change of angle with respect to time.

Tangential speed, this is the speed when we include radial distance which rotational speed, this is

Tangential speed = radial distance* rotational distance.

How to calculate the speed

  1. Speed is total distance covered by total time taken by the body, S= D/t here indicates the speed while D and t are distance and time, here one thing to note is that this formula is applicable only when you have a straight and uniform motion of the body which is taken into consideration.


  1. The above formula will give you the average speed of anybody while going from position A to position B and in addition to this in order to find the velocity at a particular instance you have to find the instantaneous velocity which is the differentiation of the speed when the time interval tends to Zero.


  1. If the body is moving in a straight line then the velocity of the body resembles the speed of the speed of the body.


  1. The speedometer is the device which is used in all automobiles to show the instantaneous speed of the vehicle.

Unit of speed

The unit of the speed is meter per sec, which are both the SI unit of distance and time. Here if we say that the speed of anybody is unit that is 1 meter per second then we can say that that in every second the body is covering a distance of one meter.

And in addition to this kilometer per hour and centimeter per second are some of the widely used to units to represent the speed of anybody.

In order to convert one unit into another unit then you have to convert both distance and time in their corresponding units.

Difference between speed and velocity

  1. Speed is a scalar Quantity and velocity is a vector Quantity
  2. Speed is not affected when direction changes while the velocity changes when there is a change is a direction.
  3. If your initial and final position is the same then you might have traveled but your velocity will be zero while you will have some speed with which you are traveling.