Rankine to Kelvin

Kelvin is a thermodynamic temperature scale where Absolute Zero is zero (0K). It is a unit increment of temperature. It is one of the seven SI base units. The Kelvin is the unit which is mainly considered when we have a small measurement of heat or the situation where we have to record tiny changes in the temperature

Rankine to Kelvin

Kelvin is based on the name of a great scientist, whose last name was Kelvin, this unit has been used as Kelvin to honor the scientist

About Celsius Scale

An Astronomer Anders Celsius (1701-1744) developed the Celsius scale. Celsius scale serves as a unit increment to indicate a temperature interval. Celsius scale is also known as Centigrade.

Celsius is one of the highly used units for temperature measurement; you can see the use of this unit every day, well you have seen the cold drinks comes with the label “to be stored under a certain temperature which is in Celsius”.

Well, one Celsius is the amount of heat which is required to raise the temperature of pure water which is kept at room temperature by one degree.

1 Rankine is equal to 0.555556 Kelvin

1 Rankine is equal to -272.592 Celcius

1 Rankine is equal to -458.67 Fahrenheit


Convert Rankine to Kelvin

  •    The temperature T in Kelvin (K) times 9/5 is equal to the temperature T in Rankine (°R)
  •      Now we talk about the conversion Formula from Rankine to Kelvin


            T(K)* 9/5 = T(°R)

T(K)=Temperature in Kelvin

T(R)=Temperature in Rankine

we explain the formula with the of Example

                    For Example

  •    Convert 10 degrees Rankine into Kelvin
  •    First we 10 degrees Rankine into the above formula and do an appropriate calculation and get the result
  •     the answer is 5.56 degrees, Kelvin.