psi to kpa

This is the article, which is devoted to pressure and unit which are used to measure pressure, well this article we will talk about mainly two units, psi, and kpa. well, psi stands for pound-force per square inch and kpa stands for kilopascal,

psi to kpa

both these units are used when we have high pressure or the pressure that we are measuring is high in quantity.

What is PSI?

The pound-force per square inch is the unit which is used for the measurement of pressure. this unit is imperial and US customary unit of pressure and the thing which we should consider is that this unit id avoirdupois unit. Well, we can define PSI as the pressure which comes out as a result, when we apply the force of one square-inch area.

Well, in equation terms, one psi = 6,895 Pascals  

What is kpa?

Well, kilopascal is the unit which is used to measure pressure when the pressure is very high, kilopascal is higher order unit of Pascal, mainly this unit is high in use when we consider the measurement of internal pressure, Young’s modulus and in addition to this stress, ultimate tensile strength.

The Pascal unit is given in honor of one of the great scientist, he was a French mathematician and in addition to this he was a great physicist, well this is very easy to understand that kilopascal is the multiple units


  •    One psi is equal to 6.89 kpa, this means that when you apply one newton of force in one square inch of the area, then this pressure is equal to 6.89 kpa.
  •    Now suppose that you have 2 psi and you wish to convert then we have then all you have to do is multiply 6.89 that is 13 kpa, this is the conversion.