psi to bar

   Well, psi that is one pound of force per square inch and bar both are the unit which is widely used In measurements, well before we go for both these unit lets understand what pressure is?

psi to bar

Well, weight is the force which is acting on any surface area, this is means when you take a surface area, and then you apply force on it, this means that the body you have is experiencing a pressure.

Here in this section, we will understand the concept of both psi and bar and then we will try to know how to convert between them.

About psi

  •    Well, psi stands for one pound force-per square inch, and it is the unit which is used for the measurement of pressure.
  •    Psi unit of force has been grown as the US, and customary system of units and this unit was made in standard in the year 1959.
  •    The main use of this unit is found in the scientific purpose. And in addition to this unit is high in use in countries like the United States and the US.
  •    Well, one psi is equal to the pressure when one pound of force is applied to the area of one square inch.

About bar.

  •     A bar is again a basic unit which is used for the measurement of pressure.
  •     A bar is actually a metric unit which is used for pressure measurement and well one bar is equal to 100,00 Pascal of pressure, this shows that the bar is the unit of pressure which is high in use, well one of the interesting thing which is connected to is that bar came from the word “baros” which in Greek means weight.


  •    One psi is equal to bar