Power Converter

Power is actually the rate at which work is done or we can say that power is energy which is being transferred in a unit of time, one thing to note here is that work and power have direct relation you can increase the rate of doing of work by increasing the power.

Power calculation

  • There is one fundamental relation which can be used in order to calculate the power we have p= W/t where W is the work done and t is the time taken to do the work and using this equation we can calculate the power.

Power Converter

When we talk about power at any instant and we have to find the derivative of power with respect to time, here if the rate of power if increase then corresponding work done will be high within less time and if work is done slower, the power is smaller.

Another way to find out power is by using force

One another way to find energy using the work and force relation, where the relation is w=F.D, this relation says that work is the dot product of force and displacement hence the actual relation can be we have to use is W=fscosQ where Q is the angle for force, using this relation you can get the work and work when divided with time can get you the value of power.

In addition to this, you can use relation P=F*v. where P=power, F Is force and v is velocity and according to this relation we can say that body with more velocity have more power

Unit of power

Power is actually the measure of the rate of work which is measured in joule per sec or we say it is watt, power is a scalar quantity since no direction is associated with it.

in addition to this horsepower is one more unit which is used to describe the power which a machine is delivering, a horsepower is a unit which is actually used in British measuring system and one horsepower is equal to the power which is required to live up in total 500 pounds by foot for a time duration of one sec and 1 horsepower is equal to 746 watts

One more unit of energy which is more frequently used in this system is watt, this is generally used to show the relation of the light bulb. The power rating, it is the rate at which the bulb converts electrical energy into light and heat. Here one thing which is very interesting is a bulb with a higher wattage will use more electricity per unit of time.

Average power

When we are on the topic power, we generally use these terms the instantaneous power and average power and according to this,

Average power is the amount of work done in a period from time t1 which is initial time and a final time t2 and the instantaneous power is the power which is delivered in a short period of time, this means that the time interval is very small and is hence not considered