pounds to stone

Pound and stone both units are imperial units of mass measurement and both these units have their extensive use in the countries like the US and UK. the best thing about both these units is they are a moderate level of a group.

pounds to stone

this makes these units to be used in the domestic purpose as well as in the industrial purpose, you can use these units in your home, to measure a thing and you can use it in a significant level where the measurement to be done is very large.

What is a pound?

  •    Well when a set of 100 pounds have you can equate it with 45.5 kg, this means that a mass of 45, 5 kg is equal to 100 pounds of mass.
  •    Similarly, 110 pound of mass is equal to 50 kg of mass,
  •    Lb. is the symbol which is used to show what a pound is.

What is a stone?

  •     Stone is another imperial unit used to measure mass, well seven rocks of mass coming together are equal to the mass of 45 kg.
  •    St is the symbol we use to show the unit stone.
  •    Foundation is the unit of mass measurement, which is one of the highly used units.

This is to understand that pound and stone are mainly used in the countries like Canada, US, and the UK but form the day’s metric system has come; the kilogram unit is slowly vanishing the use of pound and stone.


  •    There is 7 stone in a pound.
  •    This means that when pound divided into seven equal parts, it makes one stone.
  •    There we can say that when we have 7 pounds, it is similar to 49 rocks of mass.
  •    Fourteen pounds will be equal to 98 stones.