pounds to kilogram

If you are looking for a way on how you can convert pounds to kilograms and this is the right article for you, in this article we will provide you a piece of complete information about pounds and kilograms. Both these units are unit to measure mass.

Now, what is mass?

Mass is the measurement of the amount of matter in any substance, and the SI unit which is used to measure mass is a kilogram,

pounds to kilogram

The best way to understand kilogram is by following what a gram is first, well take any pure substance, like a molecules of water or H2o, here take Avogadro number of particles, the mass of this set will be equal to one gram, and when we take 1000 grams together they make it as one kilogram.

Kg is the symbol used to denote kilograms

Grams is the point, using which we are defining what kilograms is, well there is a prototype which has been kept, this is to show how much a kilogram mass is.

What is a pound?

A pound is one of the old units which is used to measure the mass of a substance, well pound is one of the solid units which is mainly in use in the parts of US and UK.

LB is the symbol which is used to denote pounds.

If you are looking for conversion, here it is

All you have to do it to take pound value and divide it by two and then take 1/10 parts of it for an example we have 100 pound, whose half comes to be 50 pounds, 1/10th part of this is 5 taking out that we have 45kg, and hence we can say that 100 pounds are equal to 45 kg of mass.