pounds to grams

One pound is equal to 0.48 kilograms, where kilogram is the SI unit of mass measurement. And In addition to this pound is the unit of mass, which is one of the oldest units which is used for analysis.

pounds to grams

Gram is a fundamental unit of mass measurement, and in addition to this, a gram is the pivot unit of mass measurement, this means that all the main units for mass analysis, large and small, all are related to gram unit.

Here is can conversion which will help to in understanding.

  •    One pound is the mass equal to 0.48 kilograms.
  •    With the above equation, we can say that a pound is equal to half of a kilogram.


  •    One gram is equal to 1000 kilograms
  •    One gram is equal to 1000 milligrams
  •    It takes 10^6 micrograms to make a gram.


Well, one Lb. is equal to 453.92 grams, this means that there is a huge difference between the pound and a gram unit.

Let’s take up an example suppose we have a substance whose mass is equal to 908 grams, and we want to find out how much it will be in term of the pound. In order to do that the first thing that you have to do is to take the conversion factor.

The conversion factor is, one pound = 453.92 grams. There all that we need to is to take that 908 grams of mass and divide it with 453.92 grams.

After that we have divided it we will get it equal to 2 pounds, this means that we have 908 grams is equal to 2 pounds of mass,

Note:- this is very important that you take correct conversion factor other, your result may vary.