pound force to newton

Pound-force: the pound-force (symbol is lb. ) is the imperial unit of force in the English system of measurement. It is different from the “pound” which is the unit of mass in the English system of measurement. In SI (international system of units) it’s equal to 4.44 Newton. (4.44N).

In CGS (Centimeter Gram Second – followed in countries like India) it is equal to 444,823 dynes,(dyne).

pound force to Newton

Basically, it is defined as the gravitational force experienced by unit Avoirdupois pound on earth’s surface. Thus acceleration due to gravity was an important factor in calculating the Pound-force.

Therefore we ca see this as,

 1 lbf = 1lb * 0.453 kg/lb* g = 4.44822 N.

We can also define it in terms of a slug. Basically, a slug measures 32.17 lb. According to this definition, the pound-force Is the force needed to accelerate the slug at the acceleration of 1ft/s^2.

Let us see briefly. The total conversion of pound force in different units is as follows.

One pound force equals 0.138N which is equal to 13825 dyne, which is similar to 0.014098 kilopounds, which is again equal to 0.03108 lbf.

Newton is the base unit for force in CGS (centimeter, Gram, second) mode of units. It is defined as the force required by an object of 1 kg to accelerate it to   1 meter per second^2.

A Newton when converted t British/English system of units is equal to 0.224 lbf. It is named after the esteemed scientist in the field of mathematics and physics, Sir Isaac Newton. Newton 2nd law of motion states that” F=ma, that is a force is equal to the product of mass and acceleration. The dimensional formula for one Newton force is equal to MLT^-2.

The average weight of an adult is equal to 608 newtons.