ounces to pounds

This is an article which is a wholly devoted study of ounces and pound, well both of these are the unit of mass, measurement and in addition to this, they are high in use, here we will take the equation using which we will consider this.

ounces to pounds

An ounce is a mass, which is equal to a mass of 0.028 kilograms, that this large there is a significant difference between ounces and kilograms, and in addition to this it also shows that ounces are the mass unit is used when we have small mass taken into consideration.

What is a pound?

An imperial unit of mass, one pound is equal to 0.48 kilograms, this is almost half, and this means that we can say a pound is equal to half of a kilogram.

Here let’s convert ounces to pound, to turn ounces to beat all we need to have is a conversion factor.

  •    One ounce is equal to 1/16 of a pound; this means that take one pound and divide it into 1000 parts what you will get is one ounce of mass when one single piece is taken out.
  •    Hence we can say that one ounce = 1/16th pound.
  •    Let’s take an example, we have 32 ounces of mass, and we wish to convert it into pounds. Well as we know that one ounce is 1/16th of the pound then what we have is to take the ounces and divide by 16 the ounces value, after splitting we will get it equal to 2. Hence we can say that 32 ounces of mass is equivalent to 2 pounds.
  •    Please take care that you are using a correct conversion factor; there is where most of the error is likely to occur.