mW to kW

A megawatt is a unit which is equal to the one million of the watts. There are many of the events or machines produce in the conversion of the energy in the scale. The scale of this unit includes the large electric motors, a large warship, aircraft carriers, and the submarines. A large commercial building can also be in use in the several megawatts in the electric power.

mW to kW

The energy information administration can say that the average cost of the kilowatt of the electricity in the residential sectors in America is around 13.7 cents per kilowatt. If the ordinary usage of the American home of the 10.76 megawatts per year, here we need to know how much electricity of the solar panels produces in each state. A megawatt is the instantaneous measure of the power where a kWh is the measure of the energy used over time and the two measurements.


A kilowatt is a unit which is used for express the output power of the engines and the basic unit of this unit is watt. The value of the kilowatt is equal to one thousand watts. The unit kilowatt is mainly used for express the power of the engines of electric motors, tools, and machines.

The unit kilowatt is also commonly used for express the output of the electromagnetic power of the radio broadcasting. The kilowatt-hour is also the term of this unit which is mainly used as the billing unit of the energy, and it is delivered to the consumers of the electric utilities. The value of the one kilowatt is approximately equal to the 1.34 horsepower.


The formula for the conversion of the value of the megawatt into the kilowatt is-

1 MW = 1 * 1000 kW = 1000 kW