milligram to microgram

What would we the mass of a needle? Well is a must physical quantity which is used to show the property of a substance. Milligrams and micrograms both are the units which are used to measure the mass of any material, one thing that can consider is that milligrams and micrograms both are the units, which has high experimental importance since in that situation even a minute mass takes consideration.

milligram to microgram

Well, both milligrams and microgram both are a tiny unit of mass, but the fact is that there is a `1000 division difference between milligrams and micrograms.

What is a milligram, Mille gram is the unit which is an equation to the 1000th part of grams? Here are some conversion using which you can understand the concept well

  •    One milligram is equal to the 1000th part of a gram
  •    One milligram is equal to the 10^6th part of a kilogram
  •    One milligram when dividing into the 1000th part the one part makes.

What is microgram?

  •    A microgram is a tiny unit of mass; this unit is mainly used in labs, where experiments are done.
  •    Take one gram has divided it into 1000 parts, then take one piece and divide it into 1000 pieces, the one element which you will get is equal to one microgram.
  •    Micrograms are the unit, which is considered when we are trying to find the mass in some set of molecules.


One microgram is equal to the 1000th part of a milligram; this means that when we have a mass of one milligram then we can divide it into 1000 pieces and we will get one microgram as the mass.

We have 3 milligrams the 3 milligram is equal to 3000 micrograms of mass.