milliamps to amps

The milliampere is the sub-multiple of SI based unit of the electrical current and the ampere. It is also defined as the 1 thousand ( 1000 ) of an ampere. The unit milliampere is had its origins to the ampere; the prefix indicates 1000 of the base of the unit it precedes. The ampere can be preceded to any of the metric names to report the group in the desired magnitude.


This is the submultiple of the SI unit and as a submultiple, the milliampere which is also used in all over the worldwide, for the smaller measurements of an electric current. Here are many of the devices that can measure the units in the term of the milliampere such are galvanometer and ammeters. This device does not give you the exact value of the milliampere.

Milliamps to amps

The ampere is often referred to the simple amp, and it is the base unit of the electric current which is used in the international system of the group which is also known as the SI unit. The ampere is defined formally to the constant flow. The conductors are parallel and have infinite length, and they are placed in the vacuum and have the negligible circular cross-section.


The name of this unit is kept after Andre Marie Ampere, he is a French physicist and the mathematics. In the group of centimeter gram second system. The ampere is defined as the one-tenth of the unit of the electric current, of time, it is called as the abampere.


The value of the 0.1 mA is equal to the 0.0001 A, the value of the one mA is similar to the 0.001 A, the value of the five mA is equal to the 0.005 A, the value of the ten mA is equal to the 0.01 A.