mhz to hz

The megahertz is the unit of the alternating current or electromagnetic wave frequency. The value of this is equal to one million hertz. This is mainly used to express the microprocessor clock speed. The megahertz are having the electromagnetic signal which is having the frequency of about 1 MHz which is near the center of the standard amplitude modulation and radio broadcasting band. The electromagnetic signals of 100 MHz are near about the standard frequency modulation and radio broadcast band.

MHz to Hz

Hertz is the unit of the frequency of the one cycle on per second, and it is replaced by the term cycle per second. In the acoustic sound, the range of human hearing is about from 0 Hz to 20 kHz. The pitch of the middle C on the piano is about 263 Hz. Hertz is used frequently when describing the individual band for an audio equalizer.


If you want to convert the megahertz into the hertz then multiply the number of the megahertz with the one million, you can apply the operation to any megahertz value it will provide you the value in Hertz. If you don’t want to multiply then you have the other option to move the decimal point. First, you want to write the megahertz value in the decimal form then move this decimal point six places from the right side and add the numbers of zero if required. By doing this, you can also get the conversion of megahertz into the hertz.


  • The value of 0 MHz is equal to the 0 Hz,
  • The value of the 0.000001 MHz is equal to the 1 Hz,
  • The value of the 0.0001 MHz is equal to the 100 Hz,
  • The value of the 0.01 MHz is equal to the 10000 Hz,
  • The value of the 1 MHz is equal to the 1000000 Hz.