megabytes to Bytes

This is an article in which we will concentrate on how megabyte and byte which are the unit of data. We will learn about these data units and will learn how to convert megabytes to bytes. Depending upon the situation we decide the type of unit we have to use for a particular quantity,

megabytes to Bytes

the reason to use so many units for a particular quantity is that we need to improve the reliability when we consider the quantity into the study.

Difference between the unit megabytes and bytes

  • MB is used as the symbol for megabytes and B is used as the symbol for bytes.
  • Megabyte is large unit then byte and megabyte is the 1000000 times bigger unit then bytes.

Megabyte is the unit which is used to measure the digital information which is commonly known as data, the data is the heart of information technology, in today’s times generally files like MP3, JPEG files which are in terms of megabytes.

In a binary system, one megabyte is equal to 2x E20 bytes and in the decimal system, one megabyte is equal to 1000 x E2 bytes

Bytes is a very small unit of data, the amazing to know here is that byte is the unit of data which is considered when we have very small data into consideration generally a text file with minimum text makes a file in term of bytes.

Bytes is the unit of data which is very small in size, you can think of the data since one byte is equal to only 8 bits and these bits have possible two combinations.


One megabyte is equal to 1024 x 1024 bytes, this equation can be used if you want to convert megabytes to bytes and even vice versa.