megabits to megabytes

Well, this article is for those who are interested in the study of megabits and megabytes. Both these units are the units to measure the memory or to measure the size of digital data.

megabits to megabytes

There is a hell confusion between megabits and megabytes, both the unit measure data but in a different sequence.

The main difference between megabits and megabytes is that:-

  •    Megabits is the successor of bits and megabytes is the successor of bytes, and one byte is equal to 8 bytes.
  •    The megabits are represented as Mb and megabytes is shown as MB.


  •    Megabits is the unit of memory which is equal to 1000 kilobits; these means that you need to have a set of 1000 kilobits To represent the set of one megabit.
  •    Test the speed of your internet; this is in the form of megabits which are flowing per seconds.


  •    Megabytes is the successor unit of bytes; this means that the set of bytes makes the megabytes.
  •    Megabytes is equal to 1024 kilobytes, where one kilobyte is equal to 1024 bytes.
  •    To understand megabytes correctly, take any of your videos to check the size in property of that file, you will get a clear understanding of megabytes.

Conversion, under given, is the equation between megabits and megabytes. Use this equation to convert megabits to megabytes and vice versa.

  •    One megabit is equal to 0.125 megabytes.  
  •    One megabyte is equal to 8 megabits.

Now if you wish to convert megabits to megabytes, all you have to do is to take the count of megabits and multiply it with 0.125, and you will get the results — the similar thing you can do to convert the vice versa of megabits to megabytes.