megabits to kilobytes

Before we go to both these units in detail, let’s understand what these units are used for, these units are used to measure the digital data, which is in the form of binary. Data is any row of facts and figures. Information is measured in term of bits, a bit is the smallest unit which is used to measure data and megabit is the higher order unit of bit,

megabits to kilobytes

and a set of 8 bits makes one byte and kilobytes is the higher order unit of bytes.

Examples to understand megabits and kilobytes.

  •    Open you storage and check of the property of any small video in your PC, you will find it in terms of megabits
  •    Check for any documents in your PC they are in the size of kilobytes.


  •    Megabits is the higher order unit of bit, one megabit is equal to 1000 kilobits, and this means that a set of 1000 kilobits where one kilobit is equal to 1000 bits makes one megabit.
  •    One megabit is equal to 1000 kilobits.
  •    One megabit is equivalent to 10,000 bits.
  •    One megabit is equal to 0.001 gigabits.

Kilobytes, as we have understood the concept of bytes.

  •    One kilobyte is the unit for memory which is equal to 1024 bytes; this means a set of 1024 bytes are required to make one kilobyte.
  •    One kilobyte is the unit which is considered as the unit in which documents are measured.

Conversion, use the given equation to convert between megabits to kilobytes.

  •    One megabit is equal to 125 kilobytes
  •    One kilobyte is equal to 0.0008 megabits

To convert megabits to kilobytes, all you need to do is take the count of megabits and multiply it with 125 kilobytes.