megabits to gigabits

The bit is the smallest unit in term of which the data is measured, and megabits and gigabits both are the units which are used to measure data in term of bits, they are the higher order units of data in time of bits. First of all, let’s understand what a bit is,

megabits to gigabits

The digital data is stored in the binary system, the bit can take the value either can be 0 or it can be 1, and the information is stored in this manner that there are set of 0s and 1s. Hence we can say that a bit is the smallest unit of data which can take the value 0 or 1 and is used to measure the data. After that, we have learned what a bit is now let’s move on to megabits and gigabits.

What is a megabit?

Megabits is the higher order unit of data in terms of the bit. When 1000 bits come together they make it has one kilobit and when we consider, 1000 kilobits it makes it as a megabit, this means that when we have a set of 1000 kilobits, then we can say that it is a megabit.

What is a gigabit?

A gigabit is one level higher unit of data in terms of bit then megabit; this means that when we consider a group of 1000 megabits, then we will have it as one gigabit. This is a large amount of data, but in the world when we have data in terabits or higher, this looks small.

Conversion, after that we have clearly understood what the concept of gigabits is, and megabits let’s try to convert megabit to gigabits,

One megabit is equal to 0.001 gigabits

  •    This means that to convert megabit to gigabit multiply it with 0.001.