mbps to gbps

The value of the 1000 bit per second is equal to the one bit per second, in the Mbps and Gbps, the Mbps is the short form of the megabit per second, and the Gbps is the short form of the gigabit per second. the definition for both the Mbps and the Gbps shows the equality of both this. They both are defined under the international system of the unit standard.

mbps to gbps

The difference between the Mbps and the Gbps is widespread there is only one main difference between them, they both are different in their magnitude, the value of the 1 Mbps connection is 1000 times less capacity than the one Gbps. Many of the peoples talk about the connection speed in the megabits and the gigabits per second, but this is not correct, because both units can measure the bandwidth. Bandwidth is the amount of the data that can be pass from any medium or the devices which gives the slice of the time; it is mainly a second when this comes from the transmission data.

Both two unit Mbps and Gbps are also different in their applications, where the Mbps is used to describe any home grade connection speed, mainly in the low dozens, the Gbps is used mainly for the high capacity connections. What types of relationships such as they are used in the data centers? The typical data center have a connectivity speed of 100 Gbps which is split into the smaller slices for the individual customers.


  •    The value of the 1 Mbps is equal to the 0.001000 Gbps.
  •    the value of the 2 Mbps is equal to the 0.002000 Gbps.
  •    the value of the 10 Mbps is equal to the 0.01 Gbps.
  •    the value of the 100 Mbps is equal to the 0.10 Gbps.