mb to tb

This is the article which is devoted to megabytes and terabyte; both these units are two of the most critical unit which are used in today’s worlds for the storage of data. Well, the thing which we should consider about both these units is that there is a significant difference between megabyte and terabyte,

mb to tb

Let’s consider megabyte first, megabyte is the unit of data measurement which is regarded as when there is a moderate level of data is to be measured, the practical use of MB can be seen in the MP3 files, the song which is in our mobile or our PC are in terms of MB in size.

Well, one megabyte can be defined as the data unit which is made when there is 1024 kilobytes of data which is taken into consideration. This indicates that we require 1024 kilobytes of data and this data can be called as the size in one MB.

Now let’s consider what terabyte is? A terabyte is the amount of data unit which is found when we have a large amount of data.

A terabyte can be defined as the amount of data which is equal to 1024 GB. Or we can say that one terabyte of data is equal to 1024 x 1024 megabyte.


  • The value of the 1 MB is equal to the 0.000001 TB.
  • The value of the 5 MB is equal to 5.0E-6 TB.
  • The amount of the 10 MB is similar to 1.0E-5 TB.
  • Well, one terabyte is equal to 1024 megabyte, and one megabyte is equal to 0.000001 terabytes.
  • Kindly pay your special attention, while you are converting since conversion involves calculations