Mass Converter

Mass is the inherited property of matter and it is one of the fundamental Quantity which is available to us mass is the measure of the amount of matter any particular body has in it.

This is also be understood as the measured amount of particles which comes together to consist of a particular body. it is measured with the help of extent to which the particle resist to change their shape or direction or speed whenever any sort of force is applied to them according to Isaac Newton any stationary mass will continue to be the state of rest or in the state of motion until and unless an external unbalanced force is applied to it, here on this to notice is that for any given applied force you can accelerate large mass to a small extent and as the small go small the acceleration starts increasing, hence we can  have a relationship between mass and acceleration as

Mass Converter

F= M.A, this says that force, when applied to a body which is of mass M, will be accelerated to an acceleration of M, there in this equation f is force, m is the mass and a is the acceleration, here for a particular body the mass remains constant and force and acceleration are directly proportional to each other.

There is one of the biggest confusion, mass is not similar to weight actually they are totally different

Mass is actually the measure of amount of matter which is available in the body and weight is actually is the product of mass and gravitational force, form this we can conclude the weight is actually a force while mass is a fundamental Quantity, and in addition to this mass is always constant where ever you can in space while weight changes and depend on the gravitational force at that point  

Mass in a very simple manner can be understood as the amount of matter contained in anybody one of the best way to estimate is finding out the number of particles in anybody and in addition to this if we have the mass of one particle then by multiplying both of them we can calculate the total mass of the body.  

It is the fundamental property of an object and it cannot be changed for any object.


The standard SI unit of mass is kilogram which is measured using beam balance one thing to note here which will give you a clear idea is that if a body has a mass of 60 KG then at any place in the whole universe the mass will remain unchanged. In addition to KG, gram, tonne are also used to denoted the big quantity of mass and in addition to this at atomic level mass is defined as the atomic unit which is the mass of 1/12 the mass of carbon- 12 atom or we can say the mass of one hydrogen atom