liter to gallon

Liter to gallon
This article is a complete guide for understanding what a liter is? And what is a gallon? Firstly we will define liter and gallon, and then we will provide you equation using which you can convert liter to the gallon.

Liter to gallon


  • A liter is a unit which is used to measure volume, and in addition to this, the unique thing about liter is that it is the unit which is accepted worldwide and is accepted as SI unit for volume,
  • Initially, the liter was defined differently; that is it was defined as the volume which is occupied by one kg of pure water; here amount is considered in the atmospheric state.
  • One liter of the volume is equal to 1,000 cubic centimeters. This means that you the volume which will be made by combining 1,000 cubic centimeters, they will make one liter of volume.
  • The liter unit is high is used, it has its industrial applications, it is used to measure, the volume of those containers which are non-liquid in general.


  • A gallon is again a unit for volume, which is mainly defined in US customary system,
  • A gallon can be described as the volume which is equal to 231 cubic inches; this means that you need to combine 231 cubes of one inch, then the amount made will be similar to one gallon.
  • The term gallon is motivated to form the word gallon.
  • Gallons is one of the best units to show the volume of large containers and in addition to this, the real-life use of gallon is shown in expressing fuel volume.


  • One gallon Is equal to 3.75 liters
  • One liter is equal to 0.26 gallon.
    To convert liter to the gallon, take the liter count and multiply with 0.26, the unit will be saved.