Light Speed Converter

we use c in order to denote speed of light in vacuum, it is one of the highly significant constant in physics and is used in many areas one thing to note here is that the exact value of the light is 299,792,458 meters per second which comes out to be actually 300,000 km/s and in addition to this is also used to define the length of one metre and according to this

1-meter length is the amount of the distance light travel in a time interval of 1/299792458 sec. and in addition to this with the help of special relativity theorem c is the maximum speed any particle can attain and this is also the speed at which particles which are massless travel in a vacuum this incudes gravitational force, electromagnetic force etc.

Light Speed Converter

The speed at which light travels from the glass medium or any other medium is always less than the c. and in addition to this speed of electromagnetic force which travels in cables is also less the than the speed of light. The concept of speed of light is also used in order to find refractive index n of any material where we can say that

n= c/v which means that the refractive index of any material is the ratio of c and the speed v at which it travels in the material. Let take an example to understand this, suppose if we consider light then the refractive index for the visible light traveling in the vacuum Is 1.5

Here one thing to note is that refractive index is a dimensionless quantity since all denominator and nominator is sped hence their dimensions cancel out.

one of the amazing this to know about light speed is that speed at which the light waves propagate in the vacuum is independent of both motions of the wave and in addition to this initial frame of reference of the observer. After being motivated from the theory of the Maxwell which was on electromagnetism it was Einstein who proposed this fact.

The speed of light is one of the most important constants in physics and it has high significance than just describing a property of electromagnetic waves. This constant is also serves as the limiting velocity and it is the high velocity which a particle can attain with there is one interesting fact related according to the fact one thing which can travel faster than the speed of the light will go to the future.

this constant is also used as a constant of proportionality, in the Einstein’s equation which is E=MC*C which states that mass can be converted to energy which is the building base of atom bombs in today’s era.

One of the interesting facts about the speed of the light is that all the radiation which comes from the sun takes nearly 8 minutes to reach earth, this how we can calculate the distance between the earth and the sun.