Length Converter

It is the terms which are used to represent the size of the object or we can use it to show the distance between any to point.

This is one of the 7 fundamental Quantity and it is the greatest measurement for all sort of two-dimensional bodies, just for the case that every rectangle has length and breath.

The Quantity length is used to distinguish height, height is actually the vertical distance any figure can attain and in addition to this breath is the dimension which is used to describe the side of the object.

Length Converter

Length is actually measured of one dimension and when the breath is also included in length it becomes the area of any particular figure and in addition to this if you add volume to it you can have a volume which is a three dimension  

SI unit

According to the international system of Units, the basic unit of length is meter and now we use the speed of light in order to define 1 meter

1 meter is the length which light will travel in 1/3000000 sec of time. And in addition to this KM, cm etc. are some of the units which are used to define length.

English system uses imperial system of unit which is inch, foot, and the yard and in addition to this miles is also frequently used  

measurement is one of the most important aspects in physics, since the time human have been settled on this planet, people have started measuring, many units of length people are using throughout civilisation, just in case the oldest unit of length which people were using in the old time is cubit and it is the length of the arm which the fingertip to elbow , this was been subdivided into shorter unit like foot, hand or finger but the main problem with cubit was the people have different length of hand hence there was no standard length which could be taken for reference.

Since with evolvement, the trade between people started increasing and hence this was the time e require some sort of standard length and in addition to this later society started getting involved with technology.

In Albert Einstein’s special theory of relativity, length can’t be used as a standard frame of reference. This means that the ruler in one frame of reference cannot be the same in another frame of reference this means that we can have variation in the length in accordance with the observer but one thing to note here is that the changes are so minimal that they can easily be neglected

one of the amazing things to know is that the length is inversely proportional to the square root of the square of the ration of the velocity of  any particle with the velocity of light. in order to understand this let suppose that a particle is traveling at a speed of 30 meters per second which when compared with the speed of light is negligible.