kW to watts

Kilowatt and the kilowatt-hour is the same unit and they both are the unit of the energy, but the kilowatt is the main unit of the energy and the kilowatt-hour is the composite unit of the energy. The value of the unit kilowatt-hour is equal to the 1 kilowatt of the power which is sustained in one hour.

kW to watts

The kilowatt is the non-SI metric system unit, it is the unit of the energy, and the symbol of this unit is kW. The kilowatt is derived from the international system of the unit or the SI unit which is joule. The unit of the time is an hour outside the SI unit. A kilowatt-hour is a composite unit of the energy which is equivalent to one kilowatt.


A watt is a unit of the power or it is the SI unit of the power. The international system of the unit is defined as the derived unit which is 1 joule per second. This unit is used for quantifying to rate of energy transfer. The symbol of the unit is W, and the name is after James Watt. The unit watt is the named after the Scottish inventor James Watt, this unit is proposed initially by C. William Siemens in the August 1882, this unit is the practical system of the units.

In October 1908 the international conference of the electric units and the standard in the London, the unit watt was defined as equal to the 10^7 units. The radio stations are also usually reporting the power of the transmitters in the unit of the watts, which is referring to the effective radiated power. The unit refers to the power that a half wave and the dipole antenna need to the radiate the match of the intensity of the transmitters.