kw to hp

The kilowatt is one of the central and most usually unit of the energy, there is some more unit of the, but kilowatt is mainly in use. There are some more parts of this unit like kilowatt hours. The symbol kWh denotes this, and the unit kilowatt is indicated by the Symbol kW. This unit kilowatt hour is mainly used as the billing unit of the energy and it is delivered to the consumers by the electric utilities.

kw to hp

The unit kWh is a less commonly used but this unit is consistent with the SI standard, or the international system of the unit. The other value which is SI standard u it they are generally in use as a comparison to this unit. The kilowatt is the Non-SI unit of the metric system just because of this is not in common use.


Horsepower is the unit of the measurement of the power; it is the rate of the work which is done. The unit mechanical horsepower is also known as the imperial horsepower, and its value is defined as 745.7 watts, and the value of the metric horsepower is equal to the 735.5 watts.

The horsepower is a term which is adopted in the 18th century by the James watt which compares the output of the steam engines with the power of the draft horses. The James watt determines that a horse could turn a mill wheel in one hour around 144 times, then they can use this idea in their steam engines.


  •    The value of the 0.01 kW is equal to the 0.0135962162 hp.
  •    The value of the 0.1 kW is equal to the 0.135962162 hp.
  •    The value of the 1 kW is equal to the 1.35962162 hp.
  •    The value of the 2 kW is equal to the 2.35962162 hp.