kW to BHP

The unit of the energy is kilowatt which is denoted by the symbol kW and its value is equal to 3.6 megajoules. When the energy of the unit kilowatt is transmitted, then if it is used at the constant rate in the period of the time, the total energy of the kilowatt hours is equal to the power which is in the kilowatt by the time. There is one more unit of the kilowatt which is kilowatt hour and the base unit of this kilowatt hour is kilowatt,

kW to BHP

the kilowatt-hour is mainly used as the billing unit of energy which can be delivered to the consumers by the electric utilities. The kilowatt is the non-SI metric system unit, it is the unit of the energy, and the symbol of this unit is kW. The unit kilowatt is derived from the international system of the unit which is joule. The main unit of the time is an hour, but this unit is the outside of the SI unit because the SI unit is the second.

British horsepower:

The symbol BHP denotes a British unit horsepower, where the base unit of the British horsepower unit is horsepower, and the horsepower is the unit of the power, which means the rate at which the work is done. In the British imperial system, the value of 1 horsepower and the idea of this unit are used by the James watt to help in the market or to improve their steam engine.

The value of the horsepower unit is also adopted by the Scottish engineer whose name is James watt; he is also the founder of the unit watt. The unit horsepower is the output shaft of the engine, turbines and any other machines like this.