kpa to psi

Well, here this section is wholly devoted to two units, which is extensively used in the industries well a kpa stands for kilopascal, which means that kilopascal is the unit of which is the multiple units of Pascal and psi stands for pound-force per square inch.

Kilopascal is the unit of pressure measurement and is multiple units of Pascal, well one Kilopascal of pressure is said to apply when there is a pressure of 1000 Pascal.

kpa to psi

Psi, this is the customary unit of pressure measurement, and this unit of force is said to be equal to the pressure which is experienced by the body when we have one pound of power on a square inch of surface

Conversion, here let’s take the conversion factor and try to convert kpa and psi.

We have a conversion factor or equation which is one kilopascal is equal to 0.145 pound-force per square inch.  

This means that one kpa = 0.145 psi.

Now suppose you wish to convert 2 kpa into corresponding psi then we have following steps

  •    Take the count of kpa and take the conversion factor.
  •    After that multiply the count of kpa and equivalent psi of one kpa like in this care 2 x 0.145
  •    You will get the value, like 0.290
  •    Now all you need to do is to take that value and add a unit to it. You will get it as
  •    One kpa is equal to 0.290 psi.
  •    This is the way you can convert kpa to psi.



  •    Here are some notes which you need to take care while you are converting the things.
  •    Always remember to put unit after your result.
  •    Kindly give a check that you are using a correct conversion factor.