kJ to J

The kilojoule is the international system of unit (SI unit) of energy there value is equal to the one thousand joules. Kilojoule is also like to the other SI units; the prefix is to denote the multiple or the sub-multiple of the group which is given. But here in the case of kilojoule the prefix kilo is used to represents the multiple of one thousand. The unit kilojoule is used in those countries which can adopt the SI, but this is mainly used as the food energy unit. In some cases, the kilojoule and the kilo-calorie both are used to display in much of the countries like the US, but the kilo-calories is only used for the food labels.

kJ to J

The joule is also the unit of the energy, in the SI unit (international system of the group). The unit joule is the energy transferred of an object where one-newton force is applied in the purpose to the direction of the motion from one meter of distance. The joule is also defined as the energy dispatched unit as the heat when one ampere of electric current is passed from a resistance of the one ohm in one second. It has been represented as a number which both have an SI unit.


The unit joule is used in the variety of the scientific context. The practical example of the energy measurement by using the unit joule which includes the required energy to lift the object.

Here we give some conversion of the kilojoule value into the joule values.

  • The value of the 0.01 kJ is equal to the 10 j
  • The value of the 0.1 kJ is equal to the 100 j,
  • The value of the 1 kJ is equal to the 1000 J, and the value of the 10 kJ is equal to the 10000 j.