kilogram to microgram

Here this section is devoted to the measurement of mass using kilograms and micrograms, here in this section let’s how we use kilograms and micrograms to measure mass and how we can convert unit kilograms to micrograms.

kilogram to microgram

The best way to understand what a kilogram is, remember that when you have gone to market, here in the market you have to buy a thing, here you will find that all the thing which you are buying are rated in terms of price per unit kilograms.

And in addition to this, have you ever observed a kilogram measurement using a weighing machine, using this weighing machine, seller’s measure how much they are selling.

Well, one kilogram is made when 1000 grams of weight comes together. The thing which we should consider is that kilogram is considered to SI unit of mass measurement.

Well, micrograms is a very small unit of mass measurement, the amazing thing is that there is a difference of 10^6 between kilograms and micrograms where the pivot point is grams.

One microgram is the unit of mass which is formed when we divide gram by 10^6, all you have to do is to take the grams


  • Kilograms is equal to 1000000000 micrograms, or in simple way we can say that 10^9, now let’s take an example using which we can understand how conversion is done, here we want to convert 3 kilograms of into micrograms, for this purpose, all you have to do is to take the kilograms and multiply it with 10^6, after that you have multiplied you will get 3 x 10^6 micrograms
  • Here the first thing that you have to consider is that when you are converting one unit into other units you need to take care that you using correct equivalent.