kilobytes to kilobits

The very first successor for both these units bit and byte is in terms of a kilo. Well, kilobits and kilobyte are the units which are mainly used in the data storage when the internet is considered to be in use. To understand kilobytes and kilobits we have to understand what is primarily a bit and a byte.

kilobytes to kilobits

A bit is the smallest unit of data. Which is stored digitally, the value of bit time can be either 1 or can be 0. Here all the data which is stored is in term of the set of the number of 0s and 1s only. When we consider a set of 8 bits this makes it a byte, hence in simple words, a bit is the smallest unit in which data is stored, and a set of 8 bits makes a byte.

What is a kilobyte?

As we have come across to know that a set of 8 bits makes a byte and when we have these sets as a set of 1024 bytes that makes a kilobyte, just in simple words a kilobyte is the units which resemble a group of 1024 bits.

Open your PC and look for any text documents and when you go for the size of the papers, you will find that it has a capacity in terms of KB,

What is Kilobit?

A kilobit is a unit which resembles a group of 1024 bits, or in simple words, when there are a set of 1024 bits, which is the smallest unit for measuring data, we call is as a kilobit.


  •    One kilobit is equal to 0.125 kilobyte
  •    One kilobyte is equal to 8 kilobits

You can use this conversion, to convert between these two units of data.