kilobits to kilobytes

Kilobits and kilobytes both are the units which are used in the whole world for measurement of memory. Here in this section, we will first consider the difference between a bit and a byte.

kilobits to kilobytes

After that, we will find the concept of kilobits and kilobytes.

What is the difference between bits and bytes?

Bits and the bytes are the units which are used for the measuring data. data can be measured either in terms of bit or byte, at a microscopic scale when digital data are considered For that purpose let’s think, a bit is the smallest unit of data, which can have either 0 value or 1 value, or we can say that it can be on or it can be off.

One byte equal to 8 bits, that is when we consider a set of 8 bits, we can call this set as a byte. Now after that, we have understood what a bit is? And what is a byte then?

What is a kilobyte?

  •    A kilobyte is that unit of data which is a successor of byte unit. Here consider that one kilobyte is equal to 1024 bytes of data. That means that of 1024 bytes together forms kilobytes.
  •    A kilobyte is that small unit of data but, is a high unit, the docs files are generally in terms of kilobytes.

What is Kilobits?  

  •    Kilobits are the units which are to consider as a successor of bits, here the bits is the smallest unit of data. One kilobit has 1024 bits; this means that when we find a set of 1024 bits, we can call it as one byte.

Conversion, given equation, can be used to convert kilobyte to kilobits.

One kilobit = 0.125 kilobytes.