kgf to newton

Kilogram or kg is the unit for mass in CGS (centimeter, gram, second) system of units. Kg is used multiple places like calculating velocity, acceleration, and many other physical quantities, well when it comes to the conversion factor, in answer to this question, we can say that one kilogram-force is equal to 9.8055 newton., in standard earth’s gravity and pressure. There are different units of force in a different system of measurements.

kgf to Newton

One newton is equal to the force required by a mass of 1 kg to accelerate to 1 meter per Second Square. I.e., the force needed to accelerate a mass of 1 kg to a magnitude of 1 m/s^2. This unit (Newton) was adopted by the general conference of weight measures in 1948.

This force conversion has important applications like manufacturing of pressure and acceleration measuring devices, and machinery, also in automobile manufacturing and marine science pressure calculations.

Thus we can convert kgf (kilogram-force) to Newton by the following factor.

It is, 1 Kgf = 9.8066 newtons.

Here the small ‘f’ I kgf should not be confused with, foot. Unit of ‘distance’. The ‘f’ in kgf stands for a force. Kgf means kilogram-force.

1 Kgf (kilogram-force) = 9.8066 N (newtons)

10 Kgf (kilogram-force) = 98.066 (newtons)

We here consider that you wish to change kgf to Newton and vice versa. All the conversions have been given according to it.

If you are looking at the formula, precisely, given the following.

F (kgf) = 9.8066 F (newton).

That is the conversion fir kgf to Newton in the easiest possible way.

Thus you a convert any magnitude of kgf to Newton and Newton to kgf, vice versa easily. Fir more such conversions, stay tuned to our website.